Having your first baby is often one of life’s greatest joys, but what if, just weeks after celebrating the birth of your baby, you were diagnosed with cancer?


To her doctors, Aishling is a stage three breast cancer patient, in recovery from an intensive course of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy. But to her three young daughters, Aishling is "Mummy".


“Don’t forget, Mummy loves you.” What message would you record for your children, if you'd just been told you had cancer? For mum-of-two Sharon, it was simple.


When Rachel Greenwood was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer, she never imagined that a small, cuddly teddy bear would make the world of difference to her son Tyler.


The one thing you don't want to do on Christmas day is tell your children that you have cancer. And that is exactly what Renee was faced with.


I was fortunate to receive support from Mummy’s wish. I was granted a “gift bag” that included a teddy bear that you can record your own message on.