“The hardest part is the fear and uncertainty”

When Aishling found the lump, she didn’t think anything of it at first. She didn’t really have time to think anything of it, with three young children to raise and a full time job to hold down.

“After chatting with a friend, I went to the doctors. It was just a rollercoaster ride from there. I had a very aggressive breast cancer, and I needed to have chemo straightaway.”

The treatment left Aishling exhausted and in pain. But a mum with cancer is still a mum. She was determined to give a happy, normal childhood to her daughters Ayla, Indi and Ella.

“The hardest part is the fear and uncertainty. It never goes away. But we try to protect our girls from that. So we tell them, “mummy’s getting sick to get better”. That’s our little motto.”

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“The simple things are my moments of joy.”

In amidst all the fear and uncertainty, Mummy’s Wish has helped Aishing find joy. Thanks to the generosity of Mummy’s Wish donors, we provided her with a cleaner during the treatment.

With the cleaner doing all the big chores, Aishling was able to rest up properly, so she had the strength to enjoy moments of joy with her family.

“Because I’m not exhausted all the time, I can spend time with the girls doing their homework, reading bedtime stories and going for beach walks. The simple things are my moments of joy.”

Thank you so much for filling Aishling’s heart with happiness. This Christmas, will you help more mums find moments of joy with their families?