Jodie Exceeds Dry July Target of $3,000

Receiving her own breast cancer diagnoses just last May and undergoing an aggressive treatment plan, Mummy’s Wish mum, Jodie Halliwell, raised a staggering $3,181.80 this Dry July to help families like her own.

Belinda Makes an Impact this Dry July

Dry July holds an important message for 41-year-old Melbourne mum, Belinda. In 2021, in the midst of Victoria’s ongoing lockdown, she noticed a change to her breast.

Suzy’s Story

The 8th of November, 2016 is a date burned in the memory of busy Brisbane mum of three and law firm partner, Suzy Cairney. Following a routine check-up, this is the day Suzy received her shock breast cancer diagnoses and life became a whirlwind. 

Michelle’s Story

In March 2020, Michelle's life came to a sudden halt as she faced the devastating news that she had high-grade breast cancer. She shares her story with us.

Diana’s Story

Mother of two and Victorian local Diana was diagnosed with papillary carcinoma at the end of May in 2021. Just a month after surgery, she made the decision to go Dry during July to give back to Mummy's Wish.
Mummy's Wish Mum Annette and her two kids

Annual Hike Honours Annette Azzopardi

The Mummy's Wish Hike was started in 2018 by Annette Azzopardi who passed away in 2019 with Ovarian Cancer. Her sister Benita shares her story and why the annual hike is so important to Annette's family and friends.