We’re nearly halfway through the year and the Mummy’s Wish team is pleased that significant progress has been made towards our goal of increasing support to mums. Awareness of our practical support is growing, with Mummy’s Wish receiving over 100 referrals last month; the most we have received in a month since we were founded in 2007.

Other key focuses have included clarifying our purpose and vision and introducing organisational values, as well as expanding our presence and support around Australia. Thank you to Cynthia from Heart Recruitment who helped us recruit four new support team members selected from 360 applicants. We are also delighted to welcome Jennet Butler to the board, who brings exceptional governance, financial and legal experience to the team. We now invite applications for the Treasurer board position – more on that here.

Recently, I was able to share with Bernadette that we have just reached a new milestone – the provision of practical support to 4000 mums with cancer since she founded Mummy’s Wish around her kitchen table. Thank you Bernadette for your determination and courage in starting something so special nearly 14 years ago.

We now turn our focus to the 4000 mums diagnosed with cancer annually who are not supported due to a lack of awareness about our services and funding. This is why we are delighted to announce that the Dry July Foundation team has selected Mummy’s Wish as a Campaign Beneficiary for a second year. As a small charity with no fundraising or marketing team, we are unable to run campaigns of this magnitude, and recognise the significance of this relationship as an awareness and funding opportunity.

Our goals for this campaign are ambitious. Can you help us inspire 4000 people to register for Dry July in support of Mummy’s Wish? More on this here. We also turn 14 in July and are asking 14 workplace and women’s teams to sign up in celebration of our 14th year – more on that below.

Funds raised from Dry July participation this year will enable us to:

  • Increase support for mums in palliative care
  • Provide specialised counselling for mums and their children
  • Increase connection and support options for all mums
  • Provide opportunities for more mums to share their story and connect with each other
  • Appreciation goes to Bernadette, Mellissa and Eryl for sharing their experiences of being a mum with cancer at recent fundraising events and as part of our campaigns.


Eryl shares her story as part of our annual Comfort Bear tax appeal which is underway – you can support that here.

Thank you to each and every courageous mum for trusting us to support you through challenging times. I hope you know that supporting you drives every action and thought for the whole team at Mummy’s Wish.

We hope that the whole community will join us in going dry this July to further our impact….. ‘After all, a mum with cancer is still a mum.’


Kind regards

Angelique and the Mummy’s Wish Team


Eryl knows the anguish of being diagnosed with cancer while raising a young child. In late 2018, just a few days before Christmas, Eryl received the devastating news of her cancer diagnosis.

She had just finished breastfeeding her infant child when she noticed a lump in her breast. Following numerous tests and medical procedures, she was diagnosed with aggressive stage 3 breast cancer that had spread to her lymph nodes.

“The real world doesn’t stop when you get cancer. Aside from the physical and emotional difficulties, there are financial and practical responsibilities that every family knows about. You can never take sick leave from your number one job as a mum.”

Read more about Eryl’s journey here.


In celebration of our 14th birthday coinciding with Dry July, and our focus on supporting 4000 mums every year, can you help us reach the following goals?

  • 4000 Individual Participants
  • 14 Women’s Groups
  • 14 Individuals in each state
  • 14 Organisations in each state
  • 14 Associations/Clubs in each state
  • 14 Small Businesses in each state

It’s quick and easy to register here.

Note: If you are signing up your organisation or a team, you need to sign up as an individual first.


Benefits for your organisation:

  • Enhance leadership skills
  • Stimulate creative thinking
  • Strengthen employee relationships
  • The ability to give back and support your community

Sign up now here.

Golden Ticket: Have a special occasion stopping you from taking part in Dry July? The Golden Ticket is your answer – it gives participants a night off their challenge for a minimum donation of $25.


When connecting with mums we have previously supported, they communicated their wish to give back. For the first time, we have created special Dry July state teams for this group. If you are a mum we have previously supported, join your state team here.

Yvette Martin is fundraising for Dry July again this year…

Mummy’s Wish recipient and Sydney mother of three, Yvette Martin, was diagnosed with breast cancer in May last year but wasted no time signing up for the 2020 campaign, raising more than $7,000. She has undergone treatment for her cancer and is keen to give back by raising funds again this year. Yvette said the charity gives to mums when they need it most.

“There I was living life, having fun with friends, enjoying a new home close to the beach, loving what I did every day and the impact I made in the world. Then, cancer,” the 43-year-old coaching consultant said.”

“Cancer is such a big thing but Mummy’s Wish is there to help with the daily lived experience. I’ve felt held by them so much. Giving up alcohol for July is one way people can be empowered to help change the lives of others and show they care,” Yvette says.

More on this story here.

Would you like more information on how easy and fun being part of our Dry July campaign is? Contact or call us on 1300 045 741.




Were you diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy or up to 6 months after giving birth? Would you like to tell your story and be part of a study designed to better understand the needs of pregnant women and new mothers with cancer?

The study is being conducted by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Participation involves a phone or Zoom interview, with the option to submit a written statement according to a guide. All data is presented anonymously.

If you would like to know more about the study or are interested in participating, please contact or


Mummy’s Wish currently receives no government funding. We rely solely on the generosity of the trusts and foundations, the corporate sector, community fundraising advocates and our regular donors. Without this support, Mummy’s Wish could not provide practical services that make a difference to the lives of mums with cancer, and their young families.

Register your fundraiser here.


Melbourne Integrative Oncology Group – $5,673

The Melbourne Integrative Oncology Group (MIOG Community) wore headscarves to work every day for a month to raise awareness about the impact of cancer. Their project raised an incredible $5,673 to help us provide more practical support. Wonderful work – thank you!

Boho for Boobs – $1,200

Every year Lea brings together a group of girlfriends to fundraise in memory of her friend Michelle who passed away from cancer. Her last ‘Boho for Boobs’ event raised an incredible $1,200 for Mummy’s Wish. Thank you so much to Lea and her friends for their amazing support.


Bulimba Fashion Festival – $3,000

Shannon Hervey, from Place Bulimba re-imagined her annual Bulimba Fashion Festival due to COVID. In her 11th year of running this wonderful charity event guests were given an option to have a relaxed ‘Picnic on the Green’. Over $3,000 was generously donated. Thank you for your ongoing contribution to our community and for supporting Mummy’s Wish!

The Divergent Group – $11,000

The Divergent Group held their annual ‘Bubbles for a Cause’ Lunch and raised an incredible $11,000 for Mummy’s Wish. Our Founder Bernadette Vella was honoured to speak at the event in the company of mums who have received our practical support. Thanks to Sam and The Divergent Group for their hard work creating such an incredible event and inviting Mummy’s Wish to attend. We had a fabulous time!

Rooftops and Runways – $3,500

Amber (@brafittingsbyamber) held their amazing Rooftops and Runways event, raising $3,500 for Mummy’s Wish. This fantastic afternoon featured stunning glimpses of the Intimo collection, as well as a speech from our founder Bernadette on the challenges of being a mum with cancer. Thank you Amber, team and sponsors for your hard work and support.


Thank you to Chris from Digital Makers who has been updating and maintaining our website on a pro bono basis. Digital Makers is an Australian-based team of software engineers, testers and designers that can build the digital apps, platforms, and products that power and scale your business online. Get in touch here:


Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust – $1,967.52

Mummy’s Wish is delighted to receive continuous support from the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust. This grant has ensured we have been able to provide care packs to mums in the Brisbane City Council area, which is the largest city council in Australia!

50-50 Foundation Charity Raffles AFL Lions at the Gabba – $2,200

A huge thank you to our wonderful team of 12 volunteers who joined us at The GABBA to help sell charity raffle tickets. Despite the rain and wind we had a great night raising $2,200 for Mummy’s Wish and watching the remainder of the game from half time in the VIP area. Thank you Brisbane Lions!

Mummy's Wish new team members


Jennet Butler is an experienced executive director, lawyer and former teacher with over eighteen years experience in the financial and professional services sector in leadership and director roles. She is known for her forward-looking vision, strong leadership, change management, commercial acumen, and extensive knowledge of legal, compliance, HR, governance and risk.


We recently farewelled Brisbane-based Gayle, Alisha and Merilee and wish them well in their new endeavours. We now officially welcome new support team members based across Australia.

Angela Rowe, BPsych (WA), has a background in Psychology, Education and Health. Angela has 17 years of experience in the human services field. She has worked in the not-for-profit sector in a variety of roles including mental health, relationship counselling and cancer support. Her previous experience as a support coordinator for women with cancer inspired her to join the team at Mummy’s Wish.

Kelly Hilton, BSocWk (Hons) (VIC), is a qualified social worker with a Juris Doctor in progress. Kelly’s passion, and much of her career, has been working for and with women. Responding to gendered violence and exploitation, she has advocated in State and Federal Parliaments. Over the years she has cared for family and friends impacted by cancer and, as a young mum herself, Kelly feels lucky to be able to now contribute to the important work of Mummy’s Wish.

Liz Byth, BA (Double Psych) MBA (QLD), is a published author with a psychology background. She has raised four children on her own whilst running small businesses. Liz brings a deep compassion and caring for others to the team of support coordinators.

Sherry Baxter, BHS (Couns) and DipCouns. (SA), has over 13 years of experience in Community and Aboriginal Health. Sherry has held various roles within SA Health including as a Bereavement Coordinator in palliative care. Diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer in 2018 and having two children of her own, Sherry understands some of the challenges faced by mums diagnosed with cancer.