Meet Yvette, Randwick mother of three, breast cancer survivor, Mummy’s Wish Mum and one of our Dry July supporters.

Yvette was only diagnosed with breast cancer in May of 2020 but wasted no time in signing up for our 2020 nation-wide Dry July campaign, raising more than $7,000. She has undergone treatment for her cancer and is keen to give back by raising funds again this year.

“There I was living life, having fun with fun friends, enjoying a new home close to the beach, loving what I did every day and the impact I made in the world, then cancer,” the 43-year-old coaching consultant said.

But instead of being overwhelmed by the diagnosis, a connection with Mummy’s Wish has meant access to support and help with day-to-day living.

Yvette, who has three children aged 13, 6 and 4, is now giving back and hoping thousands will join her.

“I am so full of gratitude to live where I do with the support and systems set up to guide me through the next twelve months,” Ms Martin said.

“I’ve already had some wonderful and much needed support from Mummy’s Wish and the other ladies who are part of their community …. so I’m stoked that Dry July is out there to help everyone else get involved in supporting these great charities.”

“Cancer is such a big thing but Mummy’s Wish is there to help with the daily lived experience. I’ve felt held by them so much.”