Mummy’s Wish recently launched our newest campaign, the Mummy’s Wish Hike. For the month of October, Mummy’s Wish encouraged our supporters to tell cancer to ‘take a hike’ by hosting their own local walk or hike.

Our supporters took steps in memory of those lost, in celebration of those who have survived and to support the mums and their families in the fight against cancer.

They raised not only a fantastic $13,205 for Mummy’s Wish, but critical awareness of our organisation. We are so grateful to see so many amazing supporters taking steps for mums with cancer.

It was fantastic to see so many individuals from across Australia stepping up on behalf of mums in the fight against cancer. A special thank you goes especially to our hike champions – Benita, June and GirlsTrek – who organised a hike and invited their friends, family, colleagues and local community to join.

The campaign was inspired by Annette Azzopardi, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After a year “she would never wish upon her worst enemy” Annette was given the all-clear. To celebrate, her and her husband Alan hiked Walsh’s Pyramid to raise over $3000 for Mummy’s Wish.

Sadly, Annette’s cancer returned more aggressively and she passed away on 12th March 2019. But that didn’t stop her friends and family from hiking Walsh’s Pyramid in Annette’s honour, raising $5,746 in 2020.

We are incredibly thankful and inspired by Benita, who shared her sister Annette’s story and championed this campaign. You really did move mountains, thank you so much.

Mummy’s Wish walks in the shoes’ of 1000 mums with cancer every year, giving them room to breathe by providing tailored practical support. By taking on some of the day-to-day burdens faced during treatment, this gives mums the gift of time to make memories with their younger children. But Mummy’s Wish cannot continue providing these services without the generous support of our fundraisers and donors.

Missed out this year? We’re already planning for next year’s Mummy’s Wish Hike campaign and would love for you to be involved! Send us an email at