For nearly a decade the generous donations of one incredible charitable foundation have ensured Mummy’s Wish has been able to go on delivering its unique support for Mums going through cancer treatment.

With donations from The Octagon Foundation now reaching over 1 million dollars, Mummy’s Wish is delighted to celebrate the impact of the long-standing connection with the Foundation and its team including Bree, Denae, Letitia and Kevin Chin.

Committing to support Mummy’s Wish in 2011, The Octagon Foundation have been an integral part of the Mummy’s Wish vision to expand and impact positive outcomes for Mums going through cancer treatment.

The impact of Octagon’s milestone contributions can be seen in the growth of Mummy’s Wish as the national charity continues to provide greater support to Mums across all its services.

Grants from The Octagon Foundation, which has strategic alliances with other charity partners globally, have enabled Mummy’s Wish to specifically provide individualised support to thousands of Mums.

With a key goal to support every Mum in Australia going through cancer treatment by 2025, The Octagon Foundation plays an ongoing and integral role in reaching that milestone.

Mummy’s Wish CEO Angelique Ettia said The Octagon Foundation’s core values of recognising humility, solidarity and tenacity mirrored the ethos of Mummy’s Wish.

“The Octagon Foundation’s support over the past nine years has been critical to the sustainability of Mummy’s Wish,” Ms Ettia said.

“We are grateful to not only have their financial support, but also their strategic input.”

She said The Octagon Foundation played an integral role in the charity’s first Giving Day fundraising event in 2019 ensuring donations were quadrupled on the national appeal day helping to raise $150,000.

Ms Ettia further said that building Mummy’s Wish to provide a national network of tailored support by investing in a framework of care aligned powerfully with The Octagon Foundation’s philosophy of partnering for positive outcomes.