National charity, Mummy’s Wish is calling for sign-ups to their Dry July campaign to raise funds for mums with cancer. Because a mum with cancer is still a mum.

5,000 Australian mums are diagnosed with cancer each year. Mummy’s Wish currently supports 1,000 of them. Their goal is to deliver the service to every single mum who receives a cancer diagnosis while caring for young children by 2025. 

The charity provides practical and immediate support to mums with children under 13. Services includes one-on-one calls with support coordinators; help with house-cleaning, gardening or meal deliveries; resources to help mums talk to their kids about their illness and treatment; referrals to support agencies; and photography sessions for mums given a poor prognosis. 

Mummy’s Wish recipient and Sydney mother of three, Yvette Martin, was diagnosed with breast cancer in May last year but wasted no time signing up for the 2020 campaign, raising more than $7,000. She has undergone treatment for her cancer and is keen to give back by raising funds again this year. Yvette said the charity gives big to mums when they need it most. 

“There I was living life, having fun with friends, enjoying a new home close to the beach, loving what I did every day and the impact I made in the world. Then, cancer,” the coaching consultant said.

“Cancer is such a big thing but Mummy’s Wish is there to help with the daily lived experience. I’ve felt held by them so much. Giving up alcohol for July is one way people can be empowered to help change the lives of others and show they care,” Yvette added.  

The target is to raise $300,000 for Dry July 2021. To coincide with the charity’s 14th birthday, Mummy’s Wish is aiming for teams to participate from 14 national organisations and 14 of each organisation, association or club, small business and women’s group per state. The goal of 4,000 participants in total reflects the 4,000 additional mums who need their support each year. 

Raised funds will go towards personal case management, care packages and regular ongoing support. Mummy’s Wish National Chief Executive Officer, Angelique Ettia, says every dollar makes a difference. 

“We speak to mums every day who have been diagnosed with all types of cancers and they tell us how much the support we provide means to them. It’s practical, timely and tailored to each mum,” said Angelique.

Support Mummy’s Wish by signing up for Dry July as an individual, group or corporate team at:

For media enquiries or to arrange an interview, contact Angela Thompson on or 0481 368 018.

About Mummy’s Wish
Mummy’s Wish has supported more than 4,000 mums over the past decade, investing in more than $2M direct support actions and more than 10,000 check-ins. Practical support is tailored in four key areas, taking into consideration the mum’s diagnosis, her existing support network and the age of her children. Support Coordinators located across Australia develop trusted relationships with every mum during her treatment period.