I was fortunate to receive support from Mummy’s wish. I was granted a “gift bag” that included a teddy bear that you can record your own message on.

I have found the teddy bear a wonderful gift. My son and I leave little messages for each other through the bear.

The other kind gift was a photo session with a photographer. This allowed my family to have some lovely portraits taken that we can treasure and share with family and friends. I had to wear a wig but the overall feel of the photo is of a happy family. These photos will be treasured for years to come. I have included one of my favourites.

When I contacted Mummy’s wish originally (last year) it was in fact to see if I could find some transport to hospital and doctor appointments. I was provided with information about ambulance transport and also supplied with a taxi card. This was invaluable as at the time I could not drive. It saw me through until my foot healed and I could drive again.