After my diagnosis of breast cancer in April 2013, my main anxiety was how my family would continue to function when I was sick. Who would take them to school, cook the meals, do the washing, clean the house? Of course my husband did it all, and did it with amazing levels of patience and understanding. Friends and family stepped in to help, and life remained relatively normal.

The support I received from Alison of Mummy’s Wish made all the difference. I now had a housekeeping service for the months of my treatment – the lovely Gail came every 3 weeks and made my house clean and shiny. Alison contacted me regularly to see how I was going.

The Mummy’s Wish gift bag I received contained some very practical items (plus some treats!) and of course the recordable teddy bears that my children still take to bed each night, pressing the bear and hearing my voice telling them that I love them. The loan of an iPad meant that I could contact my family when I was in hospital, at home sick in bed, and it kept me distracted during long waits at the many, many medical appointments.

Mummy’s Wish is unique in its support of mums with young children, and gives the practical assistance we need. What an amazing organisation