Mummy’s Wish Mum and breast cancer survivor, Michelle, knows all too well the heart-sinking feeling of receiving a breast cancer diagnosis.

In 2018, Michelle’s life was full steam ahead. She relocated with her daughter to Perth from the East Coast in late 2018 before starting a new relationship in mid-2019. However, in March 2020, this came to a sudden halt as Michelle faced the devastating news that she had high-grade breast cancer.

The early weeks are always a blur. But within eight weeks of Michelle’s diagnosis, she had been through two surgeries and started gruelling chemotherapy treatment.

Like many other women who receive that devastating news, Michelle was first and foremost a mum and the primary carer to a young daughter (then 6 years old). While going through this lifesaving treatment, Michelle felt an overwhelming responsibility to help her daughter through those tough times.

We all know how hard it is to be a kid. As the most important person in her little one’s world, the physical changes Michelle underwent including the loss of hair and breast, coupled with chronic fatigue, had a huge emotional impact.

Her beautiful daughter started to worry, having nightmares and asking questions like ‘Do I need to give up school to look after my mum?’ and ‘If mummy dies, who will I live with?’.

When a Mummy’s Wish support coordinator reached out, Michelle was relieved.

She listened with empathy as I had a meltdown, she sent a care bear to my daughter, she connected me with other mum’s going through the same awful disease, and she organised cleaning.”

Mummy’s Wish provided Michelle and her family with invaluable support that made the very tricky cancer journey just that little bit easier. They were there to help wherever they could.

Michelle feels that not every mum is as lucky as she has been with her cancer journey. Now, Michelle is keen to give back to Mummy’s Wish and pay it forward to all the families of the future who travel the same tricky road by hosting her own fundraising ball.

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