What is Mummy’s Wish?
Mummy’s Wish is the only Australian independent charity dedicated to providing practical support to mums who are diagnosed with cancer while their children are young (under 12).

Our aim is to provide mums and their families with compassion, consistency and care through the provision of practical, immediate and non-means tested support whilst mum is receiving treatment for cancer.


Is my client eligible to receive support from Mummy’s Wish?
In order to be able to access the support of Mummy’s Wish, a woman must:

  • Have a current diagnosis of cancer by an Australian Medical Specialist and be receiving specialist-approved treatment.
  • Have at least one child 12 years or under.

Our service is non-means tested and available throughout Australia.

A referral to Mummy’s Wish can be made at any stage of a woman’s treatment, from initial diagnosis to mid-way through treatment or when receiving palliative care.


How do I refer a client to Mummy’s Wish?
As a healthcare professional you can complete the Referrer’s Registration Form on behalf of your client.

Please DO NOT refer a mum to Mummy’s Wish until you have spoken to the client about the organisation and received their consent to speak to us on their behalf.

If you anticipate a mum will have difficulties in liaising with Mummy’s Wish staff, a contact representative can be nominated on the attached form.


How do I complete the Referrer’s Registration Form?

  • Print a blank copy of the form, complete and then scan and email both pages to contact@mummyswish.org.au or post to PO Box 165, Northgate, QLD 4013 OR
  • Type into the editable PDF, save and email to contact@mummyswish.org.au

Note: You will need Adobe Reader to complete the form on your computer or mobile device.  ALL fields must be completed.

(Please ensure you TICK the box to confirm the client’s consent and that they have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of registration)


What happens next?
Once we receive the fully completed Referrer’s Registration Form, the mum will be assigned a Support Coordinator who will contact her within seven to 10 business days to arrange a phone appointment time to discuss her circumstances and practical needs.

We will also send you (the referrer) an email to let you know the registration has been confirmed.


What type of support and assistance will my client receive?
We understand every family is different and the support and information they receive will be tailored specifically to their needs. We take into consideration each woman’s diagnosis, existing support network, age of her children and, most importantly, what level of support she feels comfortable with.

Her Support Coordinator will keep in touch throughout her treatment, checking in from time to time.

Following her first chat with her Support Coordinator, your client will receive a Mummy’s Wish Care Pack in the mail that contains relevant information and resources including a copy of ‘Dealing with cancer: A guide for Mums’, a few bits and pieces for Mum and a voice-recordable Comfort Bear for each child under 12 years.

In addition, Mummy’s Wish will coordinate practical support so that Mum can focus on the most important things—getting well and being with her children.

Some examples of the practical support we have provided to families in the past include:

  • organising six fortnightly house cleaning sessions
  • arranging delivery of nutritious family meals during treatment
  • supplying hospital car parking or fuel vouchers.

Please note: We source and contract local service providers to deliver these services to families.