Set up a Fundraising page

One of the easiest and most popular ways to raise money for Mummy’s Wish is to set up an online fundraising page (and it means you don’t have to complete a Registration form!). To make your fundraising page as effective as possible, upload your own photographs, videos and share your share your story and/or motivation for fundraising for Mummy’s Wish and how much you want to raise. It’s all about personalisation!


Once your GiveNow page is ready to go, you can email a link for your fundraising page to potential donors, easily allowing them to make a safe and secure credit card donation. Your donors will be issued with a receipt when they donate and donations are automatically processed and transferred to Mummy’s Wish. All donations are tallied and displayed on the fundraising page meter, so you can see how much you’ve raised so far! You can also deposit funds raised from an event through your fundraising page.

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