Mummy’s Wish Ltd Mummy’s Wish helps mums with cancer who have children aged 12 and under.  Our core service of practical support is designed to provide solutions to empower mums and reduce the serious impact that a cancer diagnosis can have on all members of the family.

Over 5000 mums with young children, aged 12 years and under, will have their lives turned upside down when mum is diagnosed with cancer – that means 13 mums every day.

A cancer diagnosis has a significant impact on mum, her children, family and community – we are here to help. At our current rate of growth, we only have capacity to support 1,000 mums in 2019 – leaving 4,000 mums we are unable to reach due to financial constraints.

Corporate partnerships are key to ensuring we are able to achieve our vision, of supporting every mum diagnosed in Australia by 2025.

Mummy’s Wish seek to created shared valued and mutually beneficial partnerships with State based and National organisations and professional bodies throughout Australia through

Corporate Partnership or Sponsorship

Corporate Ambassador Program 

Corporate Fundraising or Movie Committees

Project Volunteering

If your organisation shares our values of – Empathy and Support – Connection and Community – Trust, Integrity and Accountability – Excellence and Continuous Improvement and you would like to be integral to our future we would love to hear from you.


p: 1300 045 741