1. Leave behind a keepsake (eg fabric puff hearts with essential oils) that kids can carry with them.
  2. Prepare a package or envelope with a small treat inside to be opened each day.
  3. Hide notes with a simple message or a joke for kids to find around the house.
  4. Give them an item of your clothing to wear or keep under their pillow.
  5. Organise a special treat eg movie outing or DVD evening for carers to do with your kids while you’re in hospital.
  6. Write a soap note on shower screen that will appear when the bathroom fogs up.
  7. Take one of your kid’s special toys with you to hospital. You could take photos of the toy with you and SMS the photo to the kids.
  8. Share a pair of socks with the kids and commit to wearing the same socks to bed each night.
  9. Encourage kids to draw a picture or write a letter when they’re missing you.
  10. Record a special message on their MW comfort bears.

(Extra ideas from: https://www.bostonglobe.com/lifestyle/travel/2015/06/06/preparing-kids-for-when-parent-travels/ud1ZhHggFGhwvEZ54IUDUN/story.html)