We are a small, experienced team of staff and volunteers dedicated to helping Mums and their young families impacted by any type of cancer throughout Australia.

Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the day to day challenges a Mum will face during cancer treatment whilst caring for a young family. We all hope that one day there will be a cure for cancer, but until then we are here to help.


Mummy’s Wish is an Australian registered charity and has been endorsed as a deductible gift recipient since 2007.

Mummy’s Wish is passionate about providing young Australian families with immediate, practical and non means tested support while Mum is receiving treatment for cancer.

We are committed to providing our donors, supporters and members with current, easy to understand, transparent information detailing how funds and support generously given to us is used and accounted for.

Should you wish to know more please contact us via email contact@mummyswish.org.au

Mummy’s Wish Limited is a Company Limited by Guarantee. Our ACN is 615 374 313 and our financial accounts are kindly audited by HLB Mann Judd.

Our constitution, audited financial reports and annual information statements can be viewed on the ACNC website.

Mummy’s Wish is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors.

They are passionate about using their skills to oversee, support and provide strategic direction to the charity.

Trevor Cuss, Chair

Following his family’s arrival in Australia in 2007 – Trevor spent almost two years with Grant Thornton Australia (Brisbane Corporate Finance) prior to establishing an independent, financial consultancy business (Lattice Capital), which focuses on providing transaction support and migration advisory services to legal firms, professional accounting firms, smaller and mid-sized corporates and ASX Juniors. From 2012 to 2015 Trevor was a Chair at the Executive Connection, leading a group of CEO’s based in the Gold Coast area. Historically, he has held a number of leadership and governance roles – being a national partner at Ernst & Young for 7 years. Trevor held senior management roles at Deloitte Corporate Finance for 5- years and similar roles in three large financial institutions namely, Discount House, Senbank and UAL in Southern Africa. Trevor has an ability to assimilate knowledge across a number of industries, business process and operating models which have led him to volunteering for a number of Brisbane based governance roles including as Vice-president (Australia Africa Business Council-Queensland chapter); Treasurer in the local Body Corporate in Indooroopilly and most recently as Chair of Mummy’s Wish Limited.

Rachel Burke, Secretary

Rachel has worked for a large retail company for over 25 years. She is the story that is becoming rare these days, starting working when she was 15 and along the way kept saying “yes” to opportunities as they presented themselves. Before she knew it 25 years had passed and her skill in the HR policy, process and system space had let to much success.  She loves working with people helping them achieve great outcomes which is why after all those years in corporate world she was drawn to volunteering in the NFP space. After becoming a volunteer at Mummy’s Wish in June 2016 she was hooked instantly in the great work being achieved. By November 2017 Rachel had joined the board and became Secretary in 2018 (soon after she became a mother herself).

Giovanna Lever, Director

Giovanna Lever has thrived in roles across multiple industries with InterContinental Hotels Group, Tourism Australia and Australian Rugby Union where she was known for the commercial success of her work. She also gained a reputation for inspiring teams to give their best and her ability to facilitate competing sets of stakeholders to work together towards common goals.
With 20 years experience working as an integrated commercial marketer in tourism, hospitality, entertainment and sport behind her, Giovanna began Sparrowly Group with a clear vision to enable practical and sustainable outcomes for businesses and their people. She has been at the helm of high profile projects for destinations, businesses and brands across Australia.

Mrs Lever is a regular keynote speaker, speaking to emerging leaders on topics including management, leadership, business, governance, marketing and crisis management.

Jennet Butler, Director

Jennet is an experienced executive director, lawyer and former teacher with over eighteen years’ experience in the financial and professional services sector in leadership and director roles. She is known for her forward-looking vision, strong leadership, change management, commercial acumen, and extensive knowledge of legal, compliance, HR, governance, and risk.

Jennet joined the board of Mummy’s Wish in April 2021. Like Rachel, she has spent many years in the corporate environment and now that her family is fully fledged and left the nest, is looking to focus her skills, knowledge and experience in the NFP sector and assisting Mummy’s Wish achieve their vision and long term goal of assisting all mums and their children in their cancer journey. Her other passion is assisting the homeless and those displaced through domestic and family violence. As such she volunteers with Beddown and leads one of the cooking teams providing a community meal in Brisbane.

Our People

Angelique Ettia, National Chief Executive Officer

Bachelor of Commerce, majors; Marketing, Human Resources Management and International Business at the University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Graduate Certificate in Business, majors; Philanthropy and Non Profit Studies at Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Non Executive Director KJM Foundation, Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS)

Angelique is a purpose driven senior executive and board director with a history of transforming businesses into sustainable entities through creation of mission focused campaigns that meet stakeholder needs and support sustainable growth.  As evidenced in 9 inaugural roles, Angelique’s strong commercial skills and natural ability to develop trusted relationships has generated over $60,000,000, and attracted 15,000 stakeholders across the highly competitive finance and charity sectors.

Angelique is a social justice advocate who values authenticity, education, integrity and effectiveness.