A key challenge for us at Mummy’s Wish is ensuring that all mum’s and stakeholders across the country know who we are and the support we provide to mums that have been diagnosed with any type of cancer and have children aged 12 and under. As a small non profit that makes a demonstrable impact and is not government funded crating awareness amongst the corporate communities is vital to our sustainability.  In 2020 our National CEO will be travelling to all States and Territories in Australia and alongside newly appointed volunteer Corporate Ambassadors, committees and mum ambassadors we will ensure that we are able to increase funds raised to enable us to support the 4000 mums we are unable too support each year due to financial constraints.

To assist in creating awareness Mummy’s Wish has created a short sharp presentation that can be delivered in person in Brisbane, where we were founded, or through video link to other states and territories until our volunteer ambassadors and committees are appointed.

If you would like our National CEO to speak at your conference or event please reach out.

e: corporate@mummyswish.org.au

p: 1300 045 741