Our new support resource, Dealing with cancer: A guide for mums, was made possible thanks to a very big grant from Dry July last year, so we’ve decided to pay it forward and show our gratitude by giving up alcohol for the month of July.

We’re asking our friends and supporters if they can spare $10 (the cost of a fancy beer or glass of bubbles), to support the Mummy’s Wish Dry July team.

Maybe you could forgo a jug of imported beer ($25) or even shout us a whole round of drinks ($50) that we won’t drink!

You can find out more about our team, and our fundraising efforts here.

And if you’ve ever wanted to take part in Dry July but don’t want to fly solo, we’d love you to join our team! It’s free to join—and we’ve been told your liver will thank you at the end of 31 days!

What is Dry July?
Dry July encourages people to give up alcohol for the month of July and raise money for people affected by cancer. Read more about Dry July here.

Where does the money raised go?
Dry July raises money to ease the burden and reduce the stress that comes with a cancer diagnosis, and add a bit of comfort for those affected by cancer.

Joining the Mummy’s Wish Dry July team is easy:
1. Click here and sign up to Dry July and join the Mummy’s Wish team.

2. Tell your supporters and Dry July about yourself, include your full name so people can find you to support you.

3. Personalise your profile by setting your target. This should be ambitious but also achievable. Make sure you let everyone know what your target is and update them along the way with how much you have left to go.

4. You will then be prompted to personalise your fundraising page so be as creative as you can and tell everyone why you are supporting Dry July.
(Tip: Fundraisers who upload a profile picture raise on average over THREE times more than fundraisers that don’t have a photo!)

5. Your supporter page is now ready to send out to all your supporters!

We understand that taking part in Dry July is not for everyone but you can still show your support by making an online donation to the Mummy’s Wish Dry July team here.