Our Dry July Goals

Mummy’s Wish currently provides practical support for up to 1000 mums with cancer who have young children, every year, but 4000 more mums need our help! That’s why we’ve set the goal to have 4000 participants in the Mummy’s Wish Dry July team.

We currently have 350 supporters. Will you sign up to help reach our goal of 4000 participants? Whether you raise $40, $400 or $4000, you will be making a positive difference in the lives of mums with cancer.

As Dry July coincides with our 14th birthday, we have also set the following goals:

  • 14 corporate teams
  • 14 women’s groups
  • 14 small businesses
  • 14 clubs or associations

Help us reach our Dry July Goals by creating a team with your club, colleagues, small business or women's group.

Will you do your part and help us achieve participation from these groups? Create a team here, or join us as an individual.

Funds raised from Dry July will be used to:

  • Increase support for mums in palliative care
  • Provide specialised counselling for mums and their children
  • Increase connection and support options for all mums
  • Provide opportunities for more mums to share their story and connect with each other

How can you help?

1. Register

Register as an individual or drive a women’s group, small business, club/association or organisational team here. Teams can be any size, from 2 to 2000!

Are you a mum we have supported? We have created teams in each state specially for you! Join your state group team here.

Has your immediate family been touched by cancer? If so, you can create a Mummy’s Wish ‘in Memory of Mum’ team here.

Meet some of our teams below…

2. Share

Share your Dry July journey with your network and request they share. We have no marketing or fundraising team, so we rely on individuals like you to help get the word out!

Here are some graphics you might like to use:

Social Media Tiles

Social Media Banners
Banner to use for LinkedIn


Posters for your workplace or club

3. Donate

Donate the cost of 1 drink (or a bottle or carton) to the team effort here.

4. Follow

Follow and invite your colleagues to share Mummy’s Wish on social media.

5. Discuss

Talk about mums with cancer at your next drinks. It’s hard to give up alcohol for a month, but it’s a lot harder to be a mum with cancer. You can take one action now to make a difference. What will you choose to do?

Did you know…

  • You can raise $10, $100 or $1,000 – every dollar makes a difference
  • You or a friend can buy a Golden Ticket for a minimum of just $25 if you want to take a night off or attend a special event
  • You can give up chocolate/movies or something else you love – it doesn’t have to be alcohol.

Mummy's Wish Dry July Golden Ticket