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Bridget, 33 year old mum of 2, was feeling excited about returning to work after 3 years of maternity leave, when her whole world came crumbling down around her. She was diagnosed with late stage bowel cancer and about to fight for her life. One minute she was preparing to return to teaching, instead she faced multiple surgeries involving bowel resection, an ileostomy that had to be formed and reversed, a hernia and then 6 months of gruelling chemotherapy. This was not in Bridget’s plan. She found chemotherapy to be a mental game.

“You would recover just in time to get blasted with poison all over again. As well as the physical toll there is a significant family and emotional impact too – much more emotional than I expected.”

Bridget felt incredibly weak and faint, and at times was unable to hold her children in her arms for up to six weeks at a time. But by far, the worst part of Bridget’s cancer journey was the ‘mum guilt’. She felt guilty about everything – not having the energy to cook meals, clean and give her kids her love and attention. She felt guilty that she missed a whole year of her children’s lives and that she was a poor partner to her loving husband, who had put his life on hold to care for her. Read more of Bridget’s Story

Mummy’s Wish does not receive any Government support. It is with thanks to Mummy’s Wish donors that when mums are hospitalised and facing the fight of their lives we are able to provide personal and regular ongoing practical support that is tailored to the needs of each mum. We are there to listen and keep in touch with each mum throughout her treatment. We provide practical support that includes house cleaning, gardening, counselling and the delivery of nutritious meals.

In addition to practical support, Mummy’s Wish also provide Care Packs that include comfort bears, therapeutic books and resources to provide parents with the tools to communicate with their children, and help them understand and cope with mum’s diagnosis. The Mummy’s Wish teddy bears are a particular favourite as mum can record a message on a heart shaped voice recorder and place it inside the bear. When the child hugs the bear, they are instantly connected with their mum.

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