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In 2017, 36-year-old Ipswich mum, Bogi Crilly-Toth, was told the three words no one wants to hear – you have cancer. A mum of two toddlers under age four, she now faced stage 3 aggressive breast cancer.

“I was a young, fun and loving mum of two beautiful babies and was about to return to my dream job at the University of Queensland. I felt invincible.” Bogi said. “That Thursday night, my world turned upside down.”

“Cancer changes you to your core. Not only physically but psychologically, your whole being is altered. And the changing never stops,” she shared.

“Every event, every anniversary, every doctor’s visit can bring back memories of the fight, the trauma it caused and is still causing, the sadness, the guilt I survived while others didn’t, and the happiness of being alive. It is a constant challenge.”

Between chemotherapy, countless surgeries, radiotherapy and looking after the kids, Bogi and her family were struggling. While she received incredible support from her family on her husband’s side, friends and the wider community, she longed for her parents and sister who lived overseas.

“I had to look after my children when all I wanted was to be the child myself,” Bogi said. “I was struggling and I felt extremely guilty watching Brendan, my husband, pick up the pieces and do everything I was doing before.”

Mummy’s Wish reminded Bogi there was hope at a time she needed it most.

“My surgeon suggested I contact Mummy’s Wish. After our initial conversation over the phone, I felt instant relief. I was not alone.”

Mummy’s Wish organises practical support like nutritious meals and mowing, helping families navigate their day-to-day lives so they can focus their attention on getting through treatment. For Bogi and her family, Mummy’s Wish provided a fortnightly house cleaning service.

“I felt so weak during chemotherapy. With the loss of my income, we could not afford a cleaner, and Brendan was already doing so much.”

“It was an extremely difficult time, but the cleaning service ticked one thing off our to-do list, not only helping the day-to-day running of our family but easing the guilt I was feeling.”

“The strength I gathered when resting instead of cleaning allowed me to spend quality time with our children.”

In addition to practical support, Mummy’s Wish also provides care packs that include comfort bears, therapeutic books and resources. This pack provides parents with the tools to communicate with their children and help them understand and cope with mum’s diagnosis.

“We read the books together and I recorded a special good-night message in the bears for my little ones, Noah and Maya, to listen to when I was in the hospital. They both still cherish their bears; it was an invaluable comfort to them.”

“I was very scared when Mummy was in hospital. My bear had her voice singing to me and it made me feel better at night.”

“I remember them being so confused, sad and worried. The resources provided by Mummy’s Wish helped us explain to our little ones what was happening in their language, which helped them cope tremendously.”

Now four years cancer-free, Bogi is hoping you will join her in supporting Mummy’s Wish this Christmas by donating to their annual Christmas Appeal. Every donation will help provide practical support to mums in need.

You can make a life-changing impact in the lives of mums with cancer and their little ones, like Bogi.

Mummy’s Wish does not receive any Government support and relies solely on the kindness and generosity of Mummy’s Wish donors to provide practical support for mums facing the fight of their lives.

We are there to listen, offering ongoing support tailored to each mum throughout her treatment. We provide practical support that includes house cleaning, gardening, counseling and the delivery of nutritious meals.

In addition to practical support, Mummy’s Wish also provides care packs that include comfort bears, therapeutic books and resources. The Mummy’s Wish teddy bears are a particular favourite as mum can record a message on a heart-shaped voice recorder and place it inside the bear. When the child hugs the bear, they are instantly connected with their mum.

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